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March 16, 2009


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beyond bluestockings

Oh! What a relief to check the date. I had a horrible, sinking feeling when I came to the end of the article, that you wrote it last night :D


Hi beyondbluestockings, thanks for the comment. Sorry I had to drag you from Wordpress over hear to Typepad.

Your original question -

....it's been interesting wandering around your blog this evening.

One thing I am curious about: How do you marry your ideas here of there being no absolutes, of truth being transitory, of natural being an illusion of our own creating, with your more definite stance on the ownership of Australian land?

I mean that as a sincere question: I am no academic, so perhaps it is obvious and I've just missed it.

- is a good question.

I've often asked myself that. There's probably a more sophisticated/intellectual answer to the one I'll give right now... but really I think its about choice and context. I know in one sense that the flower is only pink because we say it (ie. we're creating it), but if I were to have a conversation with someone and they said the flower was blue, I'd argue with them & say its pink.

So, on the one hand, I know its all made up, but I still choose what I'll believe in. There is of course the arguement that we really have little choice - our subjectivities (that are bound within society & community) influence & mould who we are. And to a degree I agree with this as well - but I do still feel within set parameters I have choice (if only to a degree).

I'm not sure I've answered your question?

- yes, its all made up.
- yes, we get to choose what we're going to believe in & argue/fight for.

Does that make any sense?



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